Hello, my name is Fritz Klug. I am a multimedia journalist living in Lansing, Michigan. Welcome to my portfolio. Please look around.

I fell in love with journalism while studying Latin and Greek in college. Today, I am a multimedia journalist at MLive, the largest media organization in Michigan. I have covered a wide range of stories, from crime to politics. I’ve also been a photographer, produced videos, organized live streaming events, planned community events and managed social media accounts. I have been involved in several breaking news scenarios and have covered statewide elections in Michigan, leading innovation in coverage on several issues.

I have spoken at conferences and to classes about digital journalism and how I use the smartphone to report stories.

Technology has been a passion since the first time I used a computer. I am continuously learning about different systems and find new ways to convey information and tell stories. But beyond whatever the latest features or networks are, what is most important is the connection with readers. My job as a journalist is to deliver important information to people in what ever way we can reach them.

Take a look at my portfolio and resume. View my most recent work at MLive here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or reach out to me on Twitter, @fritzklug.

I was interviewed by Poynter about my work as a multimedia journalist. Check it out.